The Wings Are Real

So by now its late 2008 – and for the last 10 years I’d been having visits from an air disturbance and I was experiencing my ‘other’ dreams much more regularly – by now I’d learnt to tell the difference between a normal dream and one of my ‘other’ dreams.

Then one afternoon, as I was enjoying a drink in my backyard, I found it very uncomfortable to be leaning back in my normally comfortable chair. So I sat forward. I notice that I have this extra weight on my back….almost like wearing a backpack but it was very localised to my shoulder blades. So I shrug my shoulders trying to shake off the feeling. But this only makes me more aware that I definitely seem to have something extra on my back. The sensation was almost limb-like. Like I had sprouted an arm from my shoulder…I could feel the extra appendage embed into my current body structure. I chuckle to myself thinking “You know….if I didn’t know better I’d say I’ve just grown wings…”. The sensation is so real and life like – I can almost feel the feathers on them and I can definitely feel them extending themselves out and flapping about as if testing themselves. I’m so surprised by how real it feels that I start looking over my shoulder to check that I can’t actually see them. But there’s nothing to be seen.

So I think to myself ” O….kay….. this is new….”

When I hear a voice inside my head say “The wings are real”

*cue straight dead pan face, eye brow lift and tumble weed rolling by*

A few months later I’m lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I’m on my back when I get the urge to rollover onto my stomach because it’s too uncomfortable sleeping on wings (that is literally the thought that went through my head as I tossed over…before realising what I was thinking). I could actually feel the restriction of wing being squashed into my shoulder blades because I was lying on them. So I rollover and try to get some sleep when suddenly no only can I feel I have sprouted wings again but everything goes a very bright yellow/white. Even though I have my eyes closed I can still see the bright colour/light. Its so bright that I have to squint.

I didn’t know what to make of it all. I thought that perhaps I’d been a bird in a previous life or maybe I’d picked up on something angel like. My intuitive friend Julie Lewin explained that it was indeed an angelic experience. She explained that I had the ability to exist in both this plane and the angelic plane at the same time and that is what had happened.

At that time I was still struggling with even believing in angels. I was open to it on one hand but also skeptical having come from a very non-religious background. Now in 2012 I definitely believe they exist having had a few more experiences with them. I’m thankful for their presence in my life and I look forward to the day when I can hear them.

Into a new millenium and a trip back in time

This post covers the next bit of my life upto around 2008 and my two biggest events that made me realise I may be onto something.

So 1999 clicked over to 2000 without drama – none of the computer and system meltdowns happened that people were freaking out about at the time. Oh how we laugh about it now….

My ‘dude’ would still show up every now and then if I wanted him to…and sometimes when I didn’t want him to. I’d have random dreams mainly of every day happenings. The frustrating part was that these dreams would literally last only 2 – 5 seconds…like a flash. And I’d just be left with this memory of an everyday sort of event – like sitting at a computer with 2 screens, digging dirt, talking with someone, viewing budget information…random stuff that didn’t make any sense at the time. I didn’t pay it any attention and totally forgot about them within the next few days.

The most eye opening event up until that point in my life happened around 2001. I experienced a dream in which someone close to me told me something I wasn’t meant to know about a friend. The next morning I called my friend to ask if it was true – which it was. My friend asked how I’d found out, to which I replied someone told me in a dream the previous night. Although I was devastated by the news I was also shocked by the way in which I’d found out. The voice had been so clear in my dream – it was as if they were in the room talking to me. That experience was the most amazing I’d have for a long time.

Then in 2004 I had an even more amazing experience. On my way home from work – I was quite tired and sort of day dreaming my way through the crowds. You know how you can go on autopilot so to speak. I was standing at a set of lights waiting for them to change. The lights changed and the crowd and I went to move forward. But in that instant I found myself in what I’m pretty sure is 1850’s America – I think it was what people call the wild west. Very dusty and nothing but dirt around. I was in a smallish town where all the buildings were made of timber, the road was very wide, some buildings had a verandah out the front, there were saloons and brothels and horse drawn wagons/carriages. It was an odd experience because it was like I was riding inside someone elses head and looking out through their eyes. I was a young lady – maybe 18 – walking with my girl friend arm in arm laughing and chattering. We were walking along one of the wooden plank areas out the front of some of the shops. I remember looking down to see what I was wearing and saw a full frilly dress in blueish grey with long sleaves and buttons all the way down from my neck to my waist, and I had black shoes with a small heel . The shoes were too small for me because my feet hurt terribly. What really struck me was the smells of the place (this may not mean much to you but in this lifetime I have a thing about strong smells -in particular body odour). Not only did I smell (deoderant wasn’t invented), but my friend did too. I remember thinking ‘dear god I stink’ but the me I was riding in and my friend didn’t seem at all bothered. And then I was over come by another smell – that of horse droppings and urine. The air was thick with a urea-like smell and just a general horsey smell. I was so fouled by the smell and all the sounds that I didn’t notice we’d come to a crossing in the road. I stepped out and almost got hit by a passing horse wagon which snapped me awake and also sent me back to 2004. And there I was just about to take my first step crossing at the lights with the rest of the crowd. Only 1/100th of a second had past in 2004 (if any) but I had been in 1850’s for a good 10 mins. And what I was left with as I crossed the road was the urea smell lingering in my nostrils, the sounds of carriages and the distinct clear as day memory of the place.

1850s AmericaI’ve found an image on the internet which reminds me vaguely of that time period to help give an example of what I’m referring to. The city in the image seems much more civilised though from the place I was in. My town was smaller and rougher and there were no trees. The men were rougher – more cowboy type than gentlemen.

As I finished crossing the road the experience amused me more than anything. Although I was surprised it had happened it didn’t scare me. I remember thinking “well that was interesting” and I went home.

To this day I have no idea what that experience was – did I manage to slip into an Alpha state and so was easily able to jump to a previous life? Did I encounter a gap between the two realities? Did I move through that persons spirit that was for some reason where I was? As far as I can tell it was the first – I was so brain dead that most likely I was in an Alpha state and so jumped effortlessly to another life where there was a message for me. Again my friend Julie was able to advise me on this experience years later. She explained that I was there to experience my sore feet as that is a sign of being afraid to move forward – which I was at the time in this lifetime but just didn’t see it at the time.

Getting back to my dreams – Over the following years many of my random dreams started to come true- or rather I’d experience what I had dreamt. Bit by bit I would find myself experiencing deja vu…over the most normal things. Where and what I was doing for work, where I lived and what I was doing to renovate the place and even to the extent of pets I’d have. The down side was that there usually was 3 – 8 years between me having the dream and me experiencing it. The one thing I’ve learnt from the dreams is how to differentiate them from actual dreams that don’t come true. Some how the prophetic dreams are more real – the images are crisp and its from my point of view, and I have no control over them. Where as with normal dreams I have a bit of control over, I can play back or slow it down to suit and there’s a certain flexibility to the visuals.

At this stage there are alot of dreams which are yet to fulfil themselves. I look forward to seeing if indeed they do turn into experiences. And I know that there’s alot of dreams I’ve had that I don’t remember having that will turn into experiences also – so I look forward to that moment and the joy it brings me.