Spider animal totem

I should also explain around now that by 2008 I’d been having regular dreams about spiders for the last 5 years or so. I always assumed these were as a result of living in a place where we had massive Golden Orb Weaving spiders outside everywhere and the fact that I was quite scared of them. But it was getting ridiculous – I would have spiders coming at me in my dreams all the time. Sometimes just the one, sometimes millions….all trying to get to me. At the time I would wake up terrified thinking that I had spiders in my bed as in my dreams they had landed on me and were crawling over me.

Randomly, the spiders came up in conversation with Julie and she explained that because I dreamt of them so often, generally that meant that they were my animal totem/spirit guide. Which I almost choked on given my fear of them. But she also made me realise that not once in my dreams had they ever bitten me. Julie suspected that they were after me to tell me things and that I needed to stop and listen to them. She also explained that if I ever saw a web in my dream that it symbolised where on my own life web I’m at.

A few years later in a guided meditation on meeting your animal guides I got to meet my spider guide. I apologised for my bad reactions to her attempts to get messages to me and she didn’t mind. She was just nice.

I still get the spider dreams every so often and I still occasionally try to kill the spiders in my dreams but I’ve learnt to let them get closer and not be quite so paralysed with fear as I once was. I’m not saying I’m not scared – because they still freak me out – but I’m slowly learning to control it.

If you regularly dream or meditate of an animal or even see one when you have your eyes closed – why not try researching its meaning in the various ancient cultures like Native American, Celtic, etc. There’s a lot of info out there on animal totems/guides and shamanism. You might just surprise yourself.