I have a secret

In 2008 I first met a psychic whom I would later come to call friend. Her name – Julie Lewin. I originally went to see her for some guidance around what direction to go in. The one hour session turned into 2.5 hours and a proper introduction to the world of others. I believe her job was to awaken my awareness and to get me started more seriously on my spiritual path. She introduced me to energies, particular books/authors (a list of which is available on my page Books Worth Reading. She also showed me ways in which I could start communicating with the others and how to protect myself. Thanks to her my abilities have increased greatly and still do today. Its a case of the more you use it the better you get at it.
I feel privileged to be able to see/feel/hear the things I do as it shows me just how truly amazing life really is. There’s a whole new world that co-exists with our own. Its very much like a big secret. So big in fact its right in front of everyone on the planet – if only we could slow down enough to see it.