Breaking the Spell

A friend of mine sent this to me. I found it really interesting to hear what David Icke had to say. And this video covers a number of topics – it’ll be one you need to listen to more than once to get it all. This video is about “Breaking the Spell and the Full Magnitude of Who We Are”. The graphics are just visual fillers – its the audio that’s the important part.

It came to me at a time when I had just experienced a week of living in the stream/being connected to my true form like never before. It was a truly amazing week. The saying which I’ve long believed ‘we are spiritual beings having a human existence’ became a reality as I became that spiritual being and was living life as a human whilst being fully aware of my self as a spirit. It was such a joyful precious week. Every thing that happened to me (even the not so good moments of frustration at people and situations….and the general crap that we all endure) was a moment of pure joy because I was just so excited to be having these experiences as a human. My spirit self was thrilled to be going through all these experiences as if for the first time. It was the first time ever that my spirit self was the dominant entity/personality in my body.

Unfortunately it all came to an end when I had some alcohol. I had a few glasses of wine with dinner one night and the next day my spirit self was the minor player in my body again and my ‘normal’ self was back. Let me tell you – it is incredibly depressing and makes you realise just how ‘blah’ our normal state of being is. But I am ever so grateful to have had that amazing experience. Definitely something to aim for.

Anyway enough of my ramblings – enjoy…