Random visions and experiences between 2011 and 2012

Over the course of 2011/12 I experienced a number of random and yet wonderful things. Many of which occurred when I was doing the most menial of tasks.  Here’s a quick run down of some of the occurrences:

  • Whilst walking the dog I began to  sense I was turning into a white Pegasus.  It was such a strange sensation even now I struggle to describe it.  Essentially I started to feel like my feet and hands had become hooves, my body wanted me to go on all fours and out of my back I felt wings yet again.  And to top it all off I desperately felt a sense of wanting to toss my head around as horses do.  It was such a weird experience and as I’m in the process of walking my dog on the lead I was really struggling to remain a normal upright walking human being.  I struggled to walk and felt very clumsy – I found myself looking down at my feet concentrating on having only two legs and moving one in front of the other.  Thank god I was the only one around at the time – I must of looked like I was really drunk  hahahaha.
  • Another time whilst walking the dog, I looked further up the path to make sure there were no other dogs/walkers coming our way that looked like they needed avoiding (got to love dog owners who walk their dogs off the leash and yet can’t control them :/ ) – no one was around which was great.  But for about 5 seconds a partial golden outline of a white robed figure stood along the path about 20 mts in front of me.  He/She was about 3 mts tall.  The outline appeared more masculine than femine but wearing long flowing garments.  But the outline was only 1/2 the body approx – going from the left ear, up over the head and down the right side of the body all the way to the ground.  Much of the left side (from the ear down) was missing.  And this outline floated about 1m off the ground.  An angel perhaps?  Who knows.
  • Walking in the shopping mall in the city, and I begin to feel such a level of joy and lightness of being.  I feel wings sprout out of my back and part of me wants desperately to fly off and have fun flying around the air – so much so that I could feel myself lifting and was just hanging on by my toes to the ground.  I remember looking around the crowds checking to see if other people were noticing what was going on but of course they all had their own pre-occupations. LOL thank god!
  • My main spirit guide up until around this time was Pomee – an old Indian chief.  Some time earlier he had given me a peace pipe during a meditation.  Odd because I didn’t smoke but I took it as a symbolic gesture of partnership, respect and friendship.   But during a mediation in late 2011 he came to me and after sharing a smoke using the peace pipe he looked intently at me – as he had never done before – and I knew that it was his way of saying farewell.  In my heart I knew he was saying that he was going to be taking a step back from being the main guide and letting another one come through for the next phase of my life.  It was actually a really sad moment.  It was at the point a guide who I call ‘Devine Miss M’ took over the job so to speak.  But  having said that – its 2016 now and Pomee has come back on the odd occasion and I still call upon all my guides regularly.
  • 2011/12 was also around the time I started learning about my past lives.  During a crystal healing session the therapist picked up on one which went along way to explaining stuff about a relationship I had had in this lifetime.  And why the break up of that relationship really effected me – which I could never explain or rationalise to myself.  Of course little did I know at the time it would another 5 years before I finally resolved it.
  • During a course on ‘Channeling’ which I briefly mentioned in my last post, I learnt some great ways to lift my vibrations and open up to receiving messages.  Our level of existence is so dense that if you want to communicate with them, it helps for us to meet them half way, and there are definite steps one can do to help with that.    It was during this course that I learnt about some of the many levels of existence – angels, the star people (eg Pleadianes, Lemurians..), ascended masters, gods/goddesses, etc…..
    My visit to the star people has had a lasting effect on me to this day. It occurred during a meditation in class – I visited another planet/galaxy/dimension (not 100% sure what but definitely another planet at least), and it was on this planet that I encountered a few beings.   The planet was very similar to earth in the sense that it had trees and grass with a sky, mountains and oceans.  But the colours and shapes were different.  The grass was pinkish purple.  The part of the planet that I saw was largely a grassy savanna with the odd tree that was purple too. The beings I met were human in shape – with 2 arms, 2 legs, a head ontop of a body….you know….like us.  But they weren’t solid.  Instead they were as if made from jelly or some clear silicone like substance – they were largely see-through except for the sparkles trapped in the jelly.  It was as if someone had made a human mold, filled it with clear jelly and poured a large amount of glitter into the mix.  The sparkles in these people were blue and white coloured – much like LED lights today.  In fact nowadays, some Christmas decorations remind me a lot of what I saw back then.  These people were taller than us however – somewhere between 6-9 feet in height and because they were clear there was no discernible facial features like eyes or mouth.  And yet they could telepathically communicate with me.  I also noticed there were no structures around when I met them. Whether this is because they lived underground (which is the feeling I got at the time) or they just hid them from me/took me away from them I can’t say.  But I called them “star people” because it was as if they were made from the stars as each of the sparkles seemed to emanate its own light instead of reflecting it from elsewhere.  I felt an overwhelming sense of love and welcome from them and the strangest part of all this was that they told me that they were my true family and that I had agreed to go to earth as part of my journey but that they were infact my true parents.  And somewhere deep inside of me I knew this to be true because there was just a deep level of recognition with this group of people that I can’t explain.  At the end of the meditation we shared our experiences, and the facilitators explained that what I had experienced (my strong sense of connection) was because I was from there, others in the class connected strongly with some of the other levels we had explored in other classes.  I just remember going home and for the first time in my life I felt deathly homesick – but not for my earth family, but my star family.  The level of homesickness I felt was far more than anything I’d ever felt for my earth family/home – even when I first left home.  And even to this day, there is a part of me that yearns to go home to them.