Angel cards & crystal healing workshops

2011 was the year that I started taking part in courses to learn more about the other side of life.

I had always liked crystals as things of beauty and for jewelry but nothing more. I didn’t believe in angels in the way that the church tells us. It just has never sat right with me.

A friend at work told me about some workshops she had done and I decided to try them out also. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I was always keen to expose myself to new ideas and experiences.

So my first workshop was a one day ‘Connecting with Angels’ workshop.   I must admit that I did go in a bit apprehensive thinking ‘here we go….brace yourself for the religious bullshit’.

But it never came up.

Instead I learnt about:

  • angel numbers (repeatedly seeing the same sequence or number pattern (eg 1:11). I had been experiencing seeing repeating number patters on clocks and posters for years but didn’t know what it meant. For example, everytime I looked at a clock it would always involve 1’s eg 1:11 or 11:11 or 11:01 or 10:11. Check out this article by Doreen Virtue for the meaning behind the numbers
  • another way to do automatic writing (slightly different to how my friend had shown my in highschool)
  • meditating to connect with them
  • various names and roles they have
  • how to know they are around you

Part of the day was spent using Angel Cards. I went along with the activity but didn’t expect anything from it. In fact I was a little hesitant as in year 12 I had a painful experience when handling tarot cards and since then didn’t think any of these ‘cards’ were something I should be getting involved in. But handling the Angel cards was an enjoyable experience. I felt like a goose trying to ‘read’ the meaning even with the help of the book that comes along with the pack. But on the third round, for a brief few seconds the cards in front of me lit up in different colours. I was doing a 12 month spread and some cards lit up with a gentle yellow haze and others dimmed a little, it was also accompanied by a strong feeling that the light/dark represented good/bad months of the year for my activity partner. I was blown away. I explained what I saw and she was very interested. After that I thought I could learn to use and work with Angel cards and have done so since then. I’ve purchased a few different packs over the years – like fairies, nature spirits, etc – but the ones I keep coming back to are Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot Cards. And I have had some amazing experiences using them. They are scarily accurate and I’ve been able to help a number of friends by using them which is the most rewarding part of it all. I still need to use the book that comes with it but am learning more and more when that is required and when just to use my gut instinct and intuition.

It’s thanks to this course and a channeling course I did later that I can sense the angels presence with me more acutely. This is partly practice and partly allowing them to come to me. We have the free will to not invite them into our lives but we also have the ability to invite them in.  And they want to help us – they want us to ask for their help.   And when we ask them to come to us they do. How do I know they are near? A few ways:

  • I get sensations in my body when they are near (eg goose bumps on certain parts of my body or a presence of something large but loving near me)
  • After meditating or even just thinking about them I see a white feather quite randomly
  • Repeating numbers

Another workshop I took part in that year was in crystals – more specifically how to use them to heal ourselves. This opened up a whole new world for me. The workshop went for a total of 3 days over 2 weeks as the first day was an introduction to crystals themselves – their qualities, properties, caring for them, how to choose the right one, etc.

I knew I was in for something completely unexpected when as soon as I walked into the room on the first day BAM!  Instant massive headache!  I had to apologise to the facilitator as I was feeling really ill.  A few others also spoke up and said the same thing. She gave us all a chunk of black tourmaline and within 5 mins we were all fine again.  She explained that our headaches were a result of the huge numbers of crystals that she had in her place and it was a common side effect when one gets exposed to the accumulation of so much crystal energy if you aren’t used to it.  And we made it through day 1 without any more issues.

The second part was a 2 day workshop focused on using them to heal chakras.

Again I found that I responded physically really well to crystals when during the workshop it was my turn to play the ‘client’. The group of 12 split into pairs, each ‘therapist’ had 60min to treat their ‘client’ using the skills and knowledge we had learnt in the 2 day workshop. I was astonished by how I felt after just such a short session. A pendulum was used to ascertain which chakras needed work, crystals were placed on to the chakras and allowed to do their magic, and in no time at all I was feeling amazing. A number of people in the group reported having the crystals get very hot or cold during the session, others reported that the crystals sometimes got very heavy and almost felt like they were burrowing into their foreheads. Some crystals moved and refused to stay still. And we were told about one former student who had a crystal fling itself across the room on its own accord mid way through a treatment.

Since doing the crystal workshops I’ve amassed my own extensive collection and think of them as my children. I can sense their energy and am continually surprised by what they can do. The warnings we were told in class about how they may disappear and reappear, go for a wonder, how they vibrate and travel if they need to (to make sure they get to the right person) are all true. I’ve experienced these things many times.

Still today when I enter a place that has large quantities of crystals I tend to feel a bit  hot or overwhelmed after a while – but at least I don’t get a headache or get sick anymore.  I know that in the crystal wholesale places I visit they roster many staff on alternating days as they too get effected by the enormous amounts of energy present in these warehouses.

I think its easy for us to dismiss them as just pretty rocks, after all they have no eyes or ears or mouth and they just sit there. But this is again from our own perspective, and we live in a world that moves at a fast pace. For crystals life moves at a slower pace (it would if it took you a 1000 years to grow one inch) so to us they appear stationary when in fact they have a lot going on under the surface.