Books worth reading

The books listed here are some that I’ve found to be particularly insightful, informative and/or inspirational.

For anyone new to spirituality or just generally interested I recommend the following books – its where I got started.

  • “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield – Explains some hard to understand concepts in amongst a bit of an action adventure story. It’s also been made into a film which I’m yet to see. There are also subsequent books for those really into this. What hit home with me was that I could see 2 of the ‘insights’ talked about in the book…so if that’s the case then there’s no reason why the others can’t be seen/achieved either.
  • “The Reluctant Messiah”  and “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach – what I liked about these books is that on one hand they are a story about something (eg a seagull) but there’s a much deaper meaning to the concepts and meanings behind the words – if you are ready to understand them.  I find everytime I read them I get more out of it depending on where I am in my journey. And even better is that they are tiny little books:)
  • “The Journey Home” by Kryon (channeled by Lee Carrol) –  Kryon is a loving entity channeled by Lee Carrol.  This book is definately one of my favourites- again its written in the format of a bit of an adventure story  to help explain some difficult concepts. I think the biggest  learning I got from this book was that we have soul groups who agree to come into our lives to help us learn something – be it via a good or bad interaction.  I think that concept is helpful in understanding why sh*t happens to us sometimes.
  • “Journeys Out of the Body” by Robert Monroe – An interesting book from the author as he documents in a more scientific manner his out of body experiences. He started to experience unusual out of body experiences in the late 1950’s and so documented these occurrences. He went onto establish the Monroe Institute:
  • more to come..


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