Early settler

Relaxing in bed one night I thought I’d try Julie’s suggestion to receive messages from my guides. Julie had once explained to me that a great way to connect with the other side and to get messages is to imagine you are in a dark tunnel/cave and there is a light far off in the distance. You then have that light come towards you, growing in size as it does so. Eventually its so close and big that you are in the light.

My bedroom at the time was incredibly dark so I was able to lie in bed with my eyes wide open and visualise the light.

I allowed the light to approach and overtake me. When it did, I felt myself ‘land’ (for lack of better word) in the middle of some bushland. Not sure exactly where I was but judging by the plants and noises I was in either Victoria or New South Wales. There were a lot of gum trees and the undergrowth consisted of ferns and other plants that look familiar but I have no idea what they are called. It wasn’t like the scrub that you get in Queensland I know that much.

The whole ‘scene’ had a blueish/grey light to it – like very early dawn or lit by moonlight. Looking around I noticed that I was in some sort of clearing. All the undergrowth had been cleared and only the trunks of very large grey gum trees remained. There was the gentle chirping of birds waking up and the ground was covered in sticks and dried leaves. About 30 meters away there was a log cabin with a thin wisp of smoke coming out of the chimney. Not sure of the time/day/year but I had the distinct feeling that it was sometime in the 1800’s and that it was dawn.

Once I got over the initial shock/surprise I was amazed at how crystal clear everything was. It wasn’t just an image or a dream. I was actually there….and I still had my eyes open.

I stood there for a few seconds listening to the quiet countryside with the odd chirping of the first birds waking up for the day and a gentle rustle through the leaves.

For what ever reason I decided to move towards the house. As I took my first step forward, the sound of crunching leaves and twigs under foot was so loud in the quiet dawn that it startled me. This ‘start’ jumped me back into my room and the next thing I know I was looking at my dark bedroom walls.

The interesting part about all this was that I was quite aware that my eyes were open the whole time and yet what I saw changed. And yet it wasn’t just ‘seeing’ – I know was there. I’m not sure what happened. Part of it felt like my third eye opened and showed me another time/place, but another part of it feels like I astral traveled to another time/place.

No idea how any of this really works but I know it happened.

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