A petrie dish in the sky

One of my first attempts to see the aura of plants failed miserably – as so many things do when you first have a go at something.  Funnily enough though I saw something else which was completely unexpected but just as magical.

I was at the dog park and as my dog was running around I was focusing my attention on the various trees in the park.  It had only been a few months after I’d finished reading the Celestine Prophecy – so I was keen to practice seeing the energy field and aura of plants.  I tried desperately to concentrate on the tree trunks.  My eyes started watering but I could not see anything out of the ordinary.

So I moved my gaze skyward and tried to see the energy field around the canopy.  Although my eyes didn’t water, I still couldn’t see anything. But what I did notice – against the clear blue sky – was a few little sparkly flecks.  I changed my focus a bit and out of nowhere millions of little sparkly squiggly specks became visible to me.  They kept popping in and out of existence as they wriggled around.  It was like looking at a petrie dish in the sky.  Lots of little squiggly things wriggling around – but all across the sky.  I maintained that type of focus and looked around the park.  I could see them everywhere.  The air itself was filled with these little flecks.  It was just a lot easier to see them against a clear blue sky.  It was a really beautiful thing to see because they were like tiny pin pricks of light – so as they moved around it was very sparkly as if glitter was floating around the sky.

It was only much later after speaking to a psychic friend that I found out that this was effectively the energy field of the planet itself.  Since then I’ve learnt to be able to see this energy very easily.  It’s just a matter of adjusting the focal point of your eyes – a bit like those magic eye/3D books that were so popular a few years ago. 

Any one can learn to see them.  Have a go yourself.  If you remember the Magic Eye images you’ll know that the trick is to focus either just before or behind the image.  If you focus directly at ‘it’ you’ll loose the image.  I find its easiest to focus on the air about 2 meters in front of me – a bit like day dreaming when you’re not really looking at anything I guess.  You’ll know you’re focusing too close if you see black squiggles that seem to avoid your gaze.  By that I mean if you look left they move left.  These black marks will just be the scratches and hairs etc on the surface of your eye – hence why they tend to move in the direction your looking:)  The energetic squiggles don’t try to evade your eyesight – they are just wriggling in and out of existence and its us who can focus our eyes in such a way that we can see them.