Living in a cartoon of fairies, mermaids & dragons…

In 2011 I was feeling completely blown away by the experiences I had been having, and at some level was struggling to believe some of the stuff I was being told at various workshops and courses. This was purely because I had not seen any evidence of the things that they were talking about. For example, people would tell me about fairies, but I hadn’t ever seen any (on top of this I was still struggling with the fact that I had had interactions with angels given that I was from a non-religious background). It was odd – at a surface level I was very doubtful and skeptical but for some reason deep inside I knew it to be true…it just made sense somehow.

But my tiny journey into spiritualism so far has taught me that there are different levels of existence. Below is my very basic explanation of how I currently understand things – I’m sure more experienced and powerful psychics would be able to expand (even correct) the following. But for now this is where I am at:

We -people- exist on one level (ie commonly referred to as the third dimension). We can see and interact very easily with other beings and things that exist in this level. Some of us however get glimpses into other levels/dimensions. And there seems to be a lot of those.

Angels, spirit guides (including animal), star people, etc exist on higher levels (many describe these beings as existing somewhere between the 5th and the 12th dimension). Typically we associate these beings to be guardians/guides of people although many people have ‘elemental’ guides also.

‘Elementals’ is a term used to describe fairies, goblins, mermaids, dragons and other what many consider mythological creatures. They are the guardians/guides of animals, plants and mother nature generally. As I understand it, elementals exist on their own ‘level’ aswell. No idea about how or if they interact with any of the other levels. They are a mix of a one of the 4 elements – earth, wind, fire, water; plus the 5th element – the life spark. Humans are all 5 elements and this makes us very dense (in more ways than one bahahaha). Elementals will consist of only 2 elements – one of which will be the ‘life spark’. So an elemental might be made of earth and life, or fire and life for example.

Interestingly elementals seem to be very elusive. They are much harder to see than their angelic counterparts. From what I understand they only reveal themselves to people who are very pure of heart and who they can trust – which is why its mainly kids that can see them (before life and grown-ups get to them).

I learnt alot about them from Doreen Virtues “Fairies 101” book which was recommended to me. After reading it and putting into practice as much of it as I could, I started to glimpse fairies. Yes I have Ellie as a guide – who I saw before I read the book, but I’ve also seen tiny fairies around my dog on occasion – completely unexpected. And I must admit that Brian Frouds illustrations in his “Good Faery/Bad Faery” book are spot on – at least the ones that look like light emitting sparkly balls. I can’t comment about the others because the fairies I’ve seen haven’t looked like the other images in his book.

It seems that at some stage in our distant history humans and elementals interacted regularly but something happened – perhaps people started to believe in the power of industry and technology and forgot how to listen to their surroundings and this in turn made the fairies remove themselves from this reality level…or perhaps it was us that moved away from their reality level.

My mind is now boggling with the idea that if I’ve seen fairies, angels, spirit guides (human and animal) then whose to say that the other mythical animals aren’t real. I’ve now reached a point where I really wouldn’t be surprised if they existed also.

So do they each live on a seperate level …do they interact with other levels? I don’t know. I believe that certain ‘groups’ of entities exist at a particular level. As in our case – we are in the third dimension but within it there are people, animals, plants etc. Perhaps angels and ascended masters inhabit the same level and other intergalactic lifeforms – aliens/star people (good or bad) inhabit another level?

I also like to think of these levels as ‘layers of reality’ – much like layers in photoshop or traditional animation – with layers of plastic containing different characters etc. Imagine you have a solid background image (aka third dimension), on top of this you place a clear sheet of plastic onto which you have painted an angel. And on top of this you place another clear piece of plastic on to which you have painted a fairy. Obviously God/source (ie Us in the animation example) can see the whole ‘universe’ but perhaps each character can only see what is on their layer of plastic???

Who knows.

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